Celebrate Earth Day In Maryland

Happy Earth Day lovely’s! I hope your all having a beautiful day. If you’re looking for something to do this year look no further.
1] Lyrid Meteor Shower

If you live on the east coast you have probably heard of the Lyrid meteor shower by now. The showers started April 14th and run until April 30th. Set up some blankets and pillows in your front yard. Grab your sweetie and/or besties and you’ll be set for an awesome chill session! (Don’t forget snacks!!)
“The best chance to see “shooting stars” in months comes this Earth Day, but the annual Lyrid meteor shower is already underway right now.” “You should be able to see as many as 20 meteors per hour in the early morning hours of April 22.” (msn.com)
2] Maryland Park Service Events

Grab some friends and check out your state and local government sites for events and cleanups. Make some coffee because most of these events start pretty early!
“In Cecil County, celebrate Earth Day at 9 a.m. by catching a glimpse of majestic bald eagles along the banks of Elk Neck State Park. Join a ranger at the Rogues Harbor Area to learn more about this bird of prey through various activities, including an ambassador from the Scales & Tales program.” (http://news.maryland.gov/dnr/2018/04/20/earth-day-celebrated-at-maryland-state-parks/)
“On the Eastern Shore, Martinak State Park is embracing the latest craze to reach the U.S. from Sweden: plogging. Rangers will offer free bags and gloves to joggers so they can pick up trash while they shape up. Event goes from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.” (http://news.maryland.gov/dnr/2018/04/20/earth-day-celebrated-at-maryland-state-parks/)
3] Start A Garden

Starting small is the best way to get into gardening. Do you buy herbs, what about a small garden of herbs? Plant some flowers that supply food to bees and butterflies. You could also plant a tree in your yard. Check out you local farms or HomeDepot/Lowe’s for ideas.

4] Get Out In The Streets

Pack up the household and head to the streets. Clean up your community! Nothing feels better than making your community beautiful.

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Xo Peace & Joy


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