2018 Goal Setting

We made it to 2018, yay! We all know what a New Year means…goal setting time! Instead of brainstorming for the whole last week of December we decided to try something different this year. My fiancee and I embraced the holidays and just relaxed! All goal making was to be done the first two weeks of January. That way we stayed in the moment during the holidays season. Nothing worse then freaking out and forgetting what the holidays are all about.

After much thought and consideration we decided it was time to take the plunge and travel more this year. We have been talking about working remotely since it became a thing a few years back. The thought of an unstable job freaked me out though. No more benefits, 401k, paid time off…. eek scary! I originally studied finance and let me tell you they ingrain stability in your head…. My man was more worried about getting on a plane. (Who would have thunk a travel junkie falling for a man afraid of heights…..)

We both hold full-time jobs. He currently works as a security technician and I am a kennel manager/veterinary tech student. We have not found perfect fit jobs yet but we are on the hunt!

We’d love to hear about your goals and what your doing to achieve them! Until Next time Peace & Love



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