Wedding Planning

Ooo I am so excited to announce I found a wedding cake topper! Its an adorable sign that says, “shit just got real”. I found it on amazon under handmade items. The total came to 35 dollars with shipping. Nicholas (my man) loved the idea of an unconventional topper. Dont get me wrong the couple toppers are adorable but just not our style. My mom was kind enough to offer to make a naked strawberry shortcake two tiered wedding cake. Side note…my mom is amazing at making food from scratch!


I went ahead and put a note (practice desserts) in my calendar for a month before the wedding. At that point my mom and I will make a few practice desserts including the main wedding cake. Its a great time to relax, jump into your most comfy clothes, and have fun with your mom.

We can now check off the cake from our list, woot woot! On to picking out a location with Nicholas we shall go. Stay tuned!



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