Celebrate Earth Day In Maryland

Happy Earth Day lovely’s! I hope your all having a beautiful day. If you’re looking for something to do this year look no further.
1] Lyrid Meteor Shower

If you live on the east coast you have probably heard of the Lyrid meteor shower by now. The showers started April 14th and run until April 30th. Set up some blankets and pillows in your front yard. Grab your sweetie and/or besties and you’ll be set for an awesome chill session! (Don’t forget snacks!!)
“The best chance to see “shooting stars” in months comes this Earth Day, but the annual Lyrid meteor shower is already underway right now.” “You should be able to see as many as 20 meteors per hour in the early morning hours of April 22.” (msn.com)
2] Maryland Park Service Events

Grab some friends and check out your state and local government sites for events and cleanups. Make some coffee because most of these events start pretty early!
“In Cecil County, celebrate Earth Day at 9 a.m. by catching a glimpse of majestic bald eagles along the banks of Elk Neck State Park. Join a ranger at the Rogues Harbor Area to learn more about this bird of prey through various activities, including an ambassador from the Scales & Tales program.” (http://news.maryland.gov/dnr/2018/04/20/earth-day-celebrated-at-maryland-state-parks/)
“On the Eastern Shore, Martinak State Park is embracing the latest craze to reach the U.S. from Sweden: plogging. Rangers will offer free bags and gloves to joggers so they can pick up trash while they shape up. Event goes from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.” (http://news.maryland.gov/dnr/2018/04/20/earth-day-celebrated-at-maryland-state-parks/)
3] Start A Garden

Starting small is the best way to get into gardening. Do you buy herbs, what about a small garden of herbs? Plant some flowers that supply food to bees and butterflies. You could also plant a tree in your yard. Check out you local farms or HomeDepot/Lowe’s for ideas.

4] Get Out In The Streets

Pack up the household and head to the streets. Clean up your community! Nothing feels better than making your community beautiful.

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Xo Peace & Joy


2018 Goal Setting

We made it to 2018, yay! We all know what a New Year means…goal setting time! Instead of brainstorming for the whole last week of December we decided to try something different this year. My fiancee and I embraced the holidays and just relaxed! All goal making was to be done the first two weeks of January. That way we stayed in the moment during the holidays season. Nothing worse then freaking out and forgetting what the holidays are all about.

After much thought and consideration we decided it was time to take the plunge and travel more this year. We have been talking about working remotely since it became a thing a few years back. The thought of an unstable job freaked me out though. No more benefits, 401k, paid time off…. eek scary! I originally studied finance and let me tell you they ingrain stability in your head…. My man was more worried about getting on a plane. (Who would have thunk a travel junkie falling for a man afraid of heights…..)

We both hold full-time jobs. He currently works as a security technician and I am a kennel manager/veterinary tech student. We have not found perfect fit jobs yet but we are on the hunt!

We’d love to hear about your goals and what your doing to achieve them! Until Next time Peace & Love


Wedding Planning

Ooo I am so excited to announce I found a wedding cake topper! Its an adorable sign that says, “shit just got real”. I found it on amazon under handmade items. The total came to 35 dollars with shipping. Nicholas (my man) loved the idea of an unconventional topper. Dont get me wrong the couple toppers are adorable but just not our style. My mom was kind enough to offer to make a naked strawberry shortcake two tiered wedding cake. Side note…my mom is amazing at making food from scratch!


I went ahead and put a note (practice desserts) in my calendar for a month before the wedding. At that point my mom and I will make a few practice desserts including the main wedding cake. Its a great time to relax, jump into your most comfy clothes, and have fun with your mom.

We can now check off the cake from our list, woot woot! On to picking out a location with Nicholas we shall go. Stay tuned!


Eden Mill Nature Center

I had heard of Eden Mill before, from my dad. He always encouraged us to get out in nature. He would speak of how important solidarity was when figuring out tough stuff. I have since visited a ton of trails in my area, but not Eden Mill.

I happened to get off work early today, so I called my sister and off we went. We were blown away when we got to the first trail. It seemed like an endless tree lined trail at first. The trees cast a lovely shade over the trail. Specks of sunshine and sky could still seep through. We felt like we were walking through a secret tunnel, simply breathtaking!

All the trails were well taken care of. Each path had a cute name. For example Bluebird Trail. Bluebird trail was a short walk about .17 miles. We could hear birds rustling through the trees. Squirrels literally inches from us just hanging out. It was very peaceful.

We kept on going up some stairs built into a hill and ended up in a huge meadow. We saw butterflies, bees, and birds soaring by. There was a big wooden gazebo for people to take a rest out of the sun. It would be perfect for a picnic spot too!

On our way down the hill, we decided to take a path. The path led to a trail along the river. We saw kayakers, fishermen in canoes, and lots of dragonflies. I fell in love with these tiny orange and yellow flowers that grew along the trail. They were so delicate and beautiful.


Eden Mill was absolutly beautiful. I would highly recommend this nature center!

Until next time, 

 Peace & Love


Meat Based Guy and A Plant Based Girl?

Hey guys hope all is well! I wanted to talk today about getting along with people who have different views. I describe myself as vegan. I only make plant based foods for myself but when I travel I always respect other people’s culture..it’s not cool to be rude! Anyway the fellow I have been dating for years is a meat eater. When I first decided to go plant based I was concerned that we might disagree because of different views. (We strive to embrace non harmful individuality in our household) I enjoy cooking. I grew up in a large family and we were often found hanging around the kitchen listening to the days shenanigans. My man was brought up the total opposite. His grandmother did all the cooking for him.

I will say he has stepped up to help us both live the life we want.  He started helping with meals. I would start the vegan dishes and he would start cooking what ever type of meat he wanted.  I always make enough vegan food to share. Any left overs are stored and used for lunch the next day.  Cooking together has brought so much joy to our home. We share ideas and laugh a lot. Keeping our minds and hearts opened has kept the love strong. I can’t wait to see what other joys this journey brings. Until next time…

Travel Log-5 day trip to Puerto Rico 

Hey guys I have some amazing stuff to share you with you on this first blog post (wahoo! Finally have the #$%&* to start posting!). I just came back from Puerto Rico! It was a 5 day compact trip around the island. Our first stop was San Juan. We landed at the airport around 5pm as the sun was going down. As soon as we walked through the automatic doors the humidity hits you like a truck…not going to lie it felt so good! The cold of home was thawed instantly. We hung around and waited for our rental car and set out for San Juan. We arrived at the Sheraton and took a few minutes to freshen up. The four of us then set out for dinner. We found a slew of local restaurants around the corner. We found a little place with outdoor seating and waited at the bar until a table opened. The bar tender was a happy and loquacious fellow. He told us great stories and about the best places in the city. He also told us the safest areas/vacation sites around the island..Cabo Rojo, Rincon and a few others. After a few fresh mint mojitos I tried plantains for the first time…they grilled them and covered them in a stew..Delicious! 

Next day we headed to the rain forest. El Yunque National Rainforest. We decided last minute to take the longest hike we had time for, Mt . Britton. Most of the hike has a paved stone path, until you reach near the top of the summit. If you really pay attention you can see and hear a ton of wildlife. I didn’t see any parrots (which are endangered) but I saw at least four different types of birds. Make sure to bring a coverup because it will rain! After the rain halted we went back to the trail. We found these interesting looking snails the higher we went. Once we got to the summit you could see the island of Puerto Rico. We hung around for awhile and the wind carried the clouds away in waves. This gave us a wonderful view of the rainforest. The forest seemed to extend for miles. Absolutly breathtaking. I would highly recommend this hike to everyone. If you have children with you I would take precaution because the trail does get narrow. 

Once we reached the car I thought to myself….I am only two days in and I already love this place! 

Until next time…